Gartner Show Floor – FAQ’s

Financial / Accounts Payable Related Questions:

Can I pay by check or wire?

Yes we accept wire and check payments. Please select the appropriate box in the check out section and our Accounts Payable team will be in touch with next steps. All payments by checks and wires must be completed 1 week before going onsite. Any transactions not complete will not have equipment delivered onsite.

My credit card needs to be run ASAP – can the payment process be expedited?

Yes! Please put this information in the notes section during the checkout process and we will make sure to expedite the payment process.

Can you send me a receipt of purchase?

You should receive a copy of your receipt immediately after purchase via email. You can also go on to the site, under “my orders” and view all past orders and print receipts as necessary.

Who will the transaction be listed from on my credit card statement?

When your order is processed your credit card statement will say it is from InVision Communications.

Equipment Questions:

What is the recommended monitor for a Premier booth (10x20)?

We recommend (2) mounted 40” monitors.

What is the recommended monitor for a Platinum booth (10x10)?

We recommend (1) mounted 40” monitor.

What is the recommended monitor for a Silver booth (6.5 x 10)?

We recommend (1) mounted 32” monitor.

What are the dimensions of your monitors?

Please reference the monitor spec sheet.

What brands of equipment do you carry?

We have a variety of brands in our inventory. If you request a specific type or brand of monitor please list that in the notes section during the checkout process.

What if I want to order something I do not see on the order form?

We can support a variety of needs. If you do not see what you are looking for please email the address associated with your event, located on the specific event page, and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Can I plug a USB directly into the monitors?

Almost all of our monitors support this functionality. Please reference this need in the notes section during checkout and your lead will let you know if there are any problems with this request.

Will I be able to loop my presentation/video onscreen?

Yes, but your presentation will need to be built this way in advance. If you are using a USB stick only, using movie files supports this. It will note be supported by a looping PPT.

If you connect through a computer instead, you will have to set loop options through your own program.

Will you have extra dongles onsite if we decide on a different connection?

Yes, but we do not always have enough to go around, so we ask that you select as many dongles as you think you might need.

Do you provide laptop locks for rental?

Laptop locks are included with each laptop rental.

Miscellaneous Questions:

Are you the same team who will be building the booth?

No, we work in tandem with Freeman. Their information can found in the Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC) or from your Gartner lead. If you are having trouble finding this information, please reference this in the notes field during check out and your lead will respond with appropriate contact information.

Are you the same team who provide Internet and/or additional electrical?

We do not provide electrical. Please reference the Electrical Order Form in the Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC) for more information on this.

Will Wi-Fi be available throughout the Showfloor?

Gartner wireless is not available on the show floor. If you would like Internet at your booth, please order it via the Internet order form in the Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC).

What is InVision’s Privacy Policy?

InVision will not use or distribute your information to any third parties. All information will be used for the sole purposes of the Gartner Summit Conferences related directly to your order.

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

We are happy to provide refunds to all orders canceled 14 business days prior to the event.